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When it comes to finding the perfect house sign that's right for you and your property what could be better than designing it yourself with a user friendly design tool?

Using our online design system you get to tailor things exactly the way you want them before you place your order, therefore saving you the worry of potential disappointment that often comes from ordering from static sources.

There are so many variables when designing signs and plaques that it can be a real mission to create the exact vision a customer has, without taking up both their time and the designer's time, which ultimately increases costs of course.

Therefore, by designing the sign yourself it allows us to focus solely on the quality of the product - so you get more value in real terms.


This design system for plaques and signs is available on every product page, and has been devised specifically to keep things simple whilst helping you achieve quality bespoke designs.

On these product pages there is a DEMO button that opens a basic video to show how easy it is to create your own sign. Further Design tutorials will be added to the 'design tips' page so that you can get additional help and advice on what can be achieved, and how.

The Live Demo is exactly that, enabling you to watch video in order to attain the basic knowledge required to be designing your first house sign or plaque within minutes! Save these as you go and before long you will have a selection of bespoke designs to select from.


Trust us, before you know it you will have a selection of House signs or Plaques saved in the designated 'My Design' area located from the main menu.

Once you're at this stage you can select your favourite and buy online through our secure shop which gives you further options such as requesting pre-drilled holes, for example.

Finally, once your order has been processed you will receive confirmation along with the ability to save a copy of the exact design you have selected.


There are a wide variety of materials as well as styles and shapes to choose from with further options like having raised or flat lettering or even mixing the two across the same design.

At the top of each section there is a clear description of the style or material being used, (and in some cases both) which will clarify exactly what to expect from your chosen Plaque or House sign.

We pride ourselves on our choice of materials and have years of experience - which ensures you can expect to receive a quality product time and time again.


Whether you're looking for a new sign for your home or as a gift for somebody else the choice available is only limited by your imagination:

Remember, you have full control, so why not create a sign or plaque for a specific purpose, tailored to an individual. For example, maybe you or somebody you know has an interesting hobby and a fun, quirky sign might just make your day – or represent the perfect gift for them.

Normally of course, bespoke signs or plaques would command a much higher price tag but as our shop lets you take on the design mantle yourself, prices are driven down yet quality remains the highest available.

High Quality Personalised house signs for your home!


House sign Guarantee

Ceramic House SignsWelcome to Devonshire Crafts

We have been making house signs in the UK for around 50 years so you couldn't be in safer hands when ordering a quality house sign for your home.

Quality Signs

There are many house sign retailers that produce cheap signs but you generally get what you pay for, our signs are simply the best money can buy.

An example of this would be to compare slate as there are many grades to choose from, however to the untrained eye it looks the same. Our signs shouldn't be compared with cheaper versions you see online as they do not use the same materials or treatments that ensure long lasting finishes that should continue as signage ages.

Our Shop Sections

Ceramic House Signs
Ceramic house name plaques are vailable in black or white ceramic (Note for black plaques, the letters and motifs are made from long lasting vinyl and not fired into the ceramic)
Eco House Signs
Our Eco signs are available in Black, White, Maroon, Blue and Green with a choice of motifs and typefaces to choose from in a variety of colours. Made from rigid long lasting plastic and come complete with invisible fixings. Typical delivery 1 week

Engraved Brass Plaques
Indoor or outdoor use engraved brass is ideal for commemorative plaques, office signs etc. Great selection of typefaces and motifs. Also available with a solid mahogany mounting. Typical delivery time 1 to 2 weeks.
Engraved Laminate
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use and maintenance free. Available in a variety of finishes including brushed aluminium and brass for commemorative plaques. Maintenance free, these signs will last for many years. Typical delivery is 1 week.

French Collection
Our French house plaques are made from zintec plated steel which is powder coated in a low bake enamel in a choice of colours. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, available with a choice of letter styles, colours and motifs. Typical delivery 1 week.
Granite Signs
Durable Granite House Signs are suitable for inside and outside use in a choice of different shapes and sizes. Granite signs come with a lifetime guarantee and can be made in custom shapes and sizes.

Marble House Plaques
Marble house plaques are suitable for outdoor use, are available in a choice of shapes and sizes. Vast choice of typefaces and motifs in a variety of colours. Available with flat or carved letters and motifs. Typical delivery 1 to 2 weeks.
Slate House Signs
Our welsh slate house signs are perfect for both houses and cottages and are totally weather proof, they also come with a lifetime guarantee and are available in various sizes and shapes.

Terracotta Signs
Available in 5 sizes, are long lasting and suitable for outdoor use. Each house plaque is unique as it is entirely hand made and painted before being fired in a brick kiln. Great range of pictures to choose from. Typical delivery 4 to 6 weeks.
UPVC House Signs
Extremely durable and long lasting house signs. Available in a choice of colours with a vast array of typefaces and motifs. Can be supplied with invisible fixings and available with flat or carved lettering. Typical delivery 1 to 2 weeks.

Victorian Style Signs
Cast from an amalgam of resin and base metal, these house signs have a strong traditional feel. Good choice of pewter effect motifs available and silver Clarendon lettering. Long lasting and virtually maintenance free. Typical delivery 1 to 2 weeks.
Wood House Signs
Nothing compares to a traditional wood house sign, made from solid hardwood and available in a choice of natural or painted finishes. Can be supplied with invisible fixings and available with flat or carved lettering. Typical delivery 2 to 3 weeks.

Yes quality and personal service is still alive!

High Quality Signs and Plaques Personal Service

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